Zinc Sulphate Solution

Ready to use solution in a variety of specific gravities

Avoid time consuming preparation of this concentration solution for ova and parasite procedures. Solutions are carefully prepared for optimal results. Zinc sulfate solutions available for either fresh preparations with a specific gravity of 1.18 (Cat No.731) or formalin preserved stool with a specific gravity of 1.20 (Cat No.733). Packaged in bottles of 250ml. r062512


731Zinc Sulfate Solution-Specific Gravity 1.18250ml bottle/pkg
732Zinc Sulfate Solution- Specific Gravity 1.18250ml bottle x 6/pkg
733Zinc Sulfate Solution-Specific Gravity 1.20250ml bottle/pkg
734Zinc Sulfate Solution- Specific Gravity 1.20250ml bottle x 6/pkg