Trehalose (RAT) Test

Rapid Assimilation Trehalose identifying C. glabrata

Studies* show that Scientific Device Laboratory’s Rapid Assimilation Trehalose (RAT) assay can rapidly and affordably distinguish Candida glabrata from other yeasts. Modeled after Mayo Clinic’s procedure, this new rapid assay system allows for easy identification of C. glabrata. Each slide contains four wells of substrate. You can use them all at the same time or each well individually. Simply add one drop of water and mix in organism. Read color reaction within two (2) hours. Each package contains enough for 40 assays. r062512

*T. Scognamigilo, L.P. Kiss, D.H. Larone, ASM poster C-105:164, 2004.”


761Trehalose Slides10 slides/pkg