StainQuick Trichrome

Complete staining in 2 minutes

This rapid staining procedure gives excellent results and takes as little as 2 minutes to perform with non-mercury PVA smears and less with other fixatives. StainQuick maintains a constant temperature of the stain. The heated stain penetrates organisms in less than a minute. Characteristic morphology of the protozoa is readily seen. The six 60ml coplin jars and durable rack are made of microwavable polyethylene. The system runs on 7.5 volts and components are SA and UL approved. Kit includes StainQuick Trichrome Stain, rack, jars, heater & decolorizer. r062512


795StainQuick Stain System TrichromeEach, Includes rack, jars, heater, and 250ml of
specialized stain and decolorizer
796StainQuick Stain System Trichrome
Stain & Decolorizer
250ml bottle each/pkg
796-1StainQuick Stain System Trichrome1 gallon bottle each/pkg
792Snap-it Iodine20 capsules/box