StainQuick Microsporidia

Complete staining in 1 minute

Stain Microsporidia sps. faster and more efficiently.¹ StainQuick maintains a constant temperature in the stain. The heated stain penetrates organisms more efficiently and in less than a minute.² The decolorizer/counterstain stains all background organisms for greater specificity. Durable 60ml coplin jars and rack are made of microwavable polyethylene. The system runs on 7.5 volts and components are SA and UL approved. For staining of Microsporidia use our Modified Trichrome Stain Kit² (Cat. No. 7843) which includes one bottle each of stain and decolorizer/counterstain (250ml each). r062512

¹ Patten, et. al., ASM, Ses 43:40, 1996,
² Patten and Lipton, ASM, Ses 94: C220, 1997


1951StainQuick Stain System MicrosporidiaEach
7842Modified Trichrome Decolorizer/ Counterstain for Microsporidia250ml bottle/pkg
7843Modified Trichrome Stain Kit for Microsporidia250ml bottle/pkg