Snap n’ Digest


This inexpensive digestion fluid for processing mycobacterial specimens is easy to use and avoids time spent weighing reagents. Each bottle contains 75ml or 150ml of an alkali solution with a sealed glass ampoule of preweighed N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NALC). When needed, the glass ampoule breaks easily and the contents rapidly dissolve in the fluid. The unbroken capsule is stable for one year without refrigeration. Each bottle has a specially designed safety tube to help you easily trap and break the NALC capsule. With no weighing of components and no wasted chemicals, this self-contained system will save you time and money. Each package contains 10 non-breakable bottles and 5 packets of dry TB buffer powder for completing the neutralization of the digestion process. Additional buffer packets are available (Cat. No. 6671). For those laboratories with higher volume, the larger 150ml fill size will save you both time and money.  r043013


667Snap n’ Digest 75ml10 bottles/pkg
668Snap n’ Digest 150ml10 bottles/pkg
6671Phosphate Buffer Packets 4.2g each5 packets/pkg