Snap n’ Stain for Iron Staining

Safe and effective technique for staining iron in biological samples

This inexpensive procedure utilizes the Gomori Iron reaction method. It avoids the time and preparation of caustic, poisonous materials. Each dropper contains two glass ampoules filled with reagent. When broken and mixed, they are ready to stain up to four slides at a time. Each package contains 12 dropping units and Nuclear Fast Red counterstain. The sturdy plastic box can be used as a humidity incubator for the slides. Scientific Device Laboratory also carries Iron Control Slides in boxes of 10 or 50 slides. r062512


660Snap n’ Stain Iron Set12 droppers+.5oz Nuclear Fast
660-9Nuclear Fast Red Counterstain ONLY0.5 oz bottle/pkg
661Snap n’ Stain Iron50 droppers/pkg
662Nuclear Fast Red Counterstain250ml bottle/pkg
431Iron Stain Control Slides10 slides/pkg
433Iron Stain Control Slides50 slides/pkg