Shrink Seals for Blood Culture Bottles

Guarantee that blood culture bottles are correctly paired

Blood Culture Bottle Shrink Seals — assure that the correct set of blood culture bottles are filled at the patient’s bedside .Shrink Seals are colorless transparent cellulose bands for sealing Petri dishes and test tubes. Create the set you want by placing the seal around the two bottles desired. Easy to apply. Make the bottles an easy unit to handle. Comes in containers of one gross each. Also available are Microtiter Shrink Seals that safely seal your Microtiter plates. r062512


272Shrink Seals (BD Whiskey)1,000 seals/pkg
273Shrink Seals (BD 8A)1,000 seals/pkg
274Shrink Seals (ANAEROBIC)1,000 seals/pkg
275Shrink Seals (DIFCO EZDRAW)1,000 seals/pkg
276Shrink Seals (DIFCO ESP)1,000 seals/pkg
277Shrink Seals (ORGANON)1,000 seals/pkg