PVA-This low viscosity plastic resin serves as a fixative and adhesive for stool parasitology samples. In addition to poly vinyl alcohol it contains Schaudin’s fluid. It is recommended for preserving both cysts and trophozoites of protozoa. Excellent permanent stained preparation can then be made using this solution. Product has a long shelf life.

SAF is an inexpensive fixative for the analysis of ova and parasites. SAF has the advantage of a long shelf life. It can be used for concentration of feces and making permanent smears using either Iron Hematoxylin or Trichrome Stains. Available in packages of 24 tubes with a 15ml fill. These tubes come with spoons for easily sampling specimen. r062512


735PVA Solution500ml bottle/pkg
736PVA Solution500ml bottle x 6/pkg
6060SAF Vials24 vials/pkg