Protozoa Stained Slides

Great for reference and teaching

Every laboratory should have a collection of these fine quality slides for reference and teaching purposes. These PVA prepared smears are stained with Trichrome stain. Pick and choose multiples of the same slide or one of each of ten different slides, with a minimum order of any ten (10) slides. These items have limited availability. Note: Any slides that specify cysts and trophs may, or may not, contain both cysts and trophs, may have one or the other. r062512


4907Entamoeba hartmannieach slide
4909Entamoeba colieach slide
4912Endolimax nanaeach slide
4916Dientamoeba fragiliseach slide
4918Giardia lambliaeach slide
4923Chilomastix mesnilieach slide
4931Iodamoeba sps.each slide
4945Cryptosporidium sps.each slide
4948Isospora bellieach slide
4953Microsporidiumeach slide