Protozoa Stain Control Slides

Excellent controls available in various fixation methods

These Protozoa Control Slides contain smears of a mixture of a number of the more commonly seen clinical protozoa in PVA. They are ideal for the control of Trichrome or Hematoxylin staining procedures. Available fixed with Parasafe, Copper, or Zinc. Also available is affordable Trichrome Stain packaged in 250ml bottles. r062512


354Protozoa Stain Control Slides10 slides/pkg
355-25Protozoa Stain Control Slides25 slides/pkg
354-CUProtozoa Stain Control Slides with Copper10 slides/pkg
354-PAProtozoa Stain Control Slides with Parasafe10 slides/pkg
354-ZNProtozoa Stain Control Slides with Zinc10 slides/pkg
782Trichrome Stain250ml bottle/pkg
783Trichrome Stain250ml bottle x 6/pkg