Cryptosporidium Control Slides

Many typical organisms on each slide

These versatile slides can be used for staining both Cryptosporidium and Nocardia. The slides have many typical organisms on each slide. Each package contains 10 slides, each having a positive and negative well. For staining these slides Scientific Device Laboratory’s product Acri-Fluor or Crypto Kinyoun Standard Stain Sets perform well.


370Cryptosporidium Control Slide10 slides/pkg
384Acri-Fluor Stain Kit-Stain & Decolorizer/Quencher125ml bottle x 2 /pkg
373Cryptosporidium Kinyoun Stain Set60ml bottle x 1 each of 3/pkg
379Crypto Kinyoun Large Stain Set250ml bottle x 3/pkg