Safe, Fast, Economical and Effective

Parasafe® is a patented formalin-free fecal fixative which combines all the qualities of formalin and PVA into one tube without toxic effects. Parasafe is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and has a long shelf life. This rapid fixative meets OSHA requirements for safety and disposal. Parasafe contains no formaldehyde or mercury. The patented Parasafe procedure cuts stool processing time to under one hour. Slide preparation dries rapidly. Improved rapid Trichrome stain procedure and the elimination of the iodine-alcohol step saves valuable time. Our patented* Slide Fixative assists in fixing parasites to slide for staining. Economical Parasafe is half the cost of the two vial system. Effective Parasafe allows for better patient compliance. Now you can have a stool fixative for wet mounts and for permanent stains in one tube. The concentrated stool specimen can be analyzed by wet mount and Trichrome stain at half the price of formalin and PVA. Results give optimum definition of ova and fine protozoan nuclear detail. No shrinkage. r062512

* Patents #5,504,012: #5,453,381: #5,607,870.


6030Parasafe24 vials/pkg+7.5ml slide fixative
6031Parasafe & Clean Vial Set12 sets/pkg
6040-100Mini Parasafe Fixative100 vials/pkg
6032Slide FIXATIVE6.5ml bottle/pkg
6038Clean Vials24 vials/pkg
6051Tubes and Caps ONLY25 tubes/pkg