No disposal headaches…no odor of D-limonene

Paraclear is a xylene-free clearing agent which avoids all the problems of using and disposing of xylene. Unlike xylene or citrus limonene, it has no overpowering odor. Use without any of the health concerns of xylene with excellent clinical results. Fast evaporating Paraclear gives consistent results with excellent clarity using Trichrome procedures. Paraclear effectively deparaffinizes and eliminates residual chemicals. Paraclear is convenient, less expensive to use, is completely soluble in alcohol and has no effect on most laboratory plastics. It is also less flammable than xylene. Costly redistillation becomes unnecessary. NO extra hazard shipping costs are associated with this product. r062512


615-1Paraclear1 gallon/pkg
615-4Paraclear1 gallon x 4/pkg
615-5Paraclear5 gallon/pkg