NOTOXhisto is a fixative that is non-carcinogenic, non-noxious, non-corrosive, has no heavy metals nor chloride ions. This affordable, state-of-the-art fixative allows you to perform all the tasks you previously performed with formalin, without the risk and the high cost of disposal. Unlike formaldehyde, antigenic sites and DNA are unaltered. All sizes of specimens ranging from small sections to whole organs can be fixed in NOTOXhisto. Due to a unique blend of protein modifiers and stabilizers, NOTOXhisto has the ability to both fix and preserve tissue. In addition, NOTOXhisto performs extremely well with immunohistochemical staining. You will get superior results with in-situ hybridization and PCR techniques. There is no pre-mixing or dilution, NOTOXhisto is ready-to-use. Use NOTOXhisto as you would formalin, without change in processing or staining protocols. You will find NOTOXhisto easier to work with than strictly regulated, toxic formaldehyde. No disposal fees make this product even more cost-efficient. r062512


614-01NOTOXhisto1 gallon/pkg
614-05NOTOXhisto5 gallon/pkg
614-15NOTOXhisto - 7.5ml fill, 15ml Container50 vials/pkg
614-30NOTOXhisto - 15ml fill, 30ml Container50 vials/pkg
614-60NOTOXhisto - 30ml fill, 60ml Container50 vials/pkg
614-90NOTOXhisto - 45ml fill, 90ml Container50 vials/pkg