Microsporidium Stain Control Slides

The whole family of Microsporidia organisms

These fixed and ready to use control slides contain many representative organisms. A negative smear is also included on each slide. In the package of 10, one slide is stained with Modified Trichrome Stain and the balance of unstained slides can be used as controls. Also available is affordable Modified Trichrome Stain and Scientific Device Laboratory’s StainQuick, a 1 minute Microsporidium staining system (see p 22 for more info)


369Microsporidia Control Slides10 slides/pkg
7842Modified Trichrome Decolorizer/Counterstain for Microsporidia250ml bottle/pkg
7843Modified Trichrome Stain Kit for Microsporidia250ml bottle/pkg
1951 INTLStainQuick Stain System Microsporidia with International PlugEach