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MiPlatform TRJ_1 user_15cm
This revolutionary platform allows you to quickly and easily capture high quality photographs or movies from virtually all microscopes with virtually all smartphones. Installation and alignment is simple because there are no optical elements. The Microscope Platform taps the power of your existing microscope and the precision of your smartphone camera. Adjustable grips secure your smartphone and ensure steady, optimum photography. Detach your phone when you get a call or finish for the day; the next day replace without any fine-tuning, saving time and avoiding stress. The Microscope Platform’s exclusive open design allows painless access to your phone’s other functions: charging ports are accessible, connect to an external screen via cable (not included) or just listen to music. The platform that holds the phone detaches from the easy- to-install mounting collar. Additional mounting collars are available to allow you to migrate your Microscope Platform to multiple scopes without re-aligning or interfering with routine eyepiece viewing. r082713

2100MiPlatform 1 platform and 1mounting collar

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