Gram Stain Printed Slides

No more wax pencilsThese innovative frosted end, printed Gram stain slides replace the use of inefficient wax pencil. Avoid wax pencil lifting off the slide and leaving artifacts after staining. The hydrophobic ink prevents mixing of smears. Ink resistant to most laboratory chemicals. Three patterns available. Comes in black ink (other colors available upon request). Also available Gram Stain Control Slides. r062512


030-1Gram Stain Printed Slides (squares with numbers 1-8)Per gross (144)
030-2Gram Stain Printed Slides (divided no numbers)Per gross (144)
030-3Gram Stain Printed Slides (divided numbers 1-10)Per gross (144)
030-999Custom Gram Printed Slides-specialPer gross (144)