Deep Well Slides

Custom Deep Well Slides
Prevent specimens from spattering across the slideDeep wells are ideal for countless laboratory tasks. These wells contain fluid far better than depression or cavity wells without cross contamination or sloshing around on the slide. Design a slide for use with wet mounts, tissue cultures, Serodiagnostic tests, Strep typing, latex agglutination, RPR and rotater needs. Large wells can show crystal formation or hold live aquatic and soil specimens for teaching. They are perfect for use in quality control when viewing bulk powdered and granular materials. Small wells are perfect for concentration of small amounts of liquids or studies on precipitated cells. Combine custom printing and adhesive coating with deep wells to make a truly unique solution to your needs. Well walls are made of modified acrylate. Call us to discuss your needs and together we can determine what answer works best for you.

080Laser Labels White25 slides
080-2.25-24-.3 Deep well slides (2.25 diameter, 24 wells, 0.3mm depth)25 slides