Cryptosporidium Kinyoun Stain

All you need for successful staining
Packaged in a set with either 60ml or 250ml each of stain, decolorizer and counterstain.

Please call for individual bottle pricing.


373Cryptosporidium Kinyoun Stain SetStain 60ml bottle x 1 each of 3/pkg
373-ACryptosporidium Kinyoun StainStain 60ml bottle/pkg
373-BCryptosporidium Kinyoun DecolorizerStain 60ml bottle/pkg
373-CCryptosporidium Kinyoun CounterstainStain 60ml bottle/pkg
379Crypto Kinyoun Large Stain SetStain 250ml bottle x 3/pkg
379-3Staining Rack for 250ml BottleEach
379-BCrypto Kinyoun DecolorizerStain 250ml x 6 bottles/pkg