ID Discs & Tablets

Easy and convenient

These Rapid ID Discs and tablets are easy-to-use and give easy-to-read results. Reaction times are less than 30 minutes. Weetabs are small tablets in a 10 x 75 mm tube that react with 0.5 ml of water and innoculum. r062512

398-0485Nitrate ID Disk50 disks/pkg
398-0520Oxidase ID Disk50 disks/pkg
398-0915Gram Reaction ID Disk30 disks/pkg
398-1045Glycosidases Weetab Alkaline phosphatase28 disks/pkg
398-1270Glycosidases Weetab Alpha-glucosidase28 disks/pkg
398-1275Glycosidases Weetab Beta glucosidase28 disks/pkg
398-1378LAP ID Disk50 disks/pkg
398-1490Glycosidases Weetab Beta galactosidase28 disks/pkg
398-1532PRO ID Disk50 disks/pkg
398-1532PRO ID Disk50 disks/pkg
398-1537PYZ Weetab28 disks/pkg
398-1538PYR ID Disk50 disks/pkg
398-1650Urease28 disks/pkg
398-1651Urea/Indole Weetab28 disks/pkg
398-9131Butyrate ID Disk50 disks/pkg
398-9142Candida Screen ID Disk25 disks/pkg
398-9145ALN ID disk50 disks/pkg