Agglutination Plates

Replacements for these hard-to-find items

These hard-to-find agglutination plates are ideal for febrile agglutination as well as other types of immunological reactions. Measures 6.25” x 6.25” on 3.3mm thick glass. Available with 30 wells, 32mm each in clear (Cat. No. 074-3032C) or easy to read black glass (Cat. No. 074-3032B). Both clear (Cat. No. 074-3623C) and black (Cat. No. 074-3623B) are also available with 23mm wells. The 96 well plate (Cat. No. 074-9605), 4.75” x 3.25”, 1.1mm thick, fits standard microtiter plates. Inquire for custom designs and pricing. Custom orders cannot be returned.


074-3023C30 Well Clear6 plates
074-3023B30 Well Black6 plates
074-3623C36 Well Clear6 plates
074-3623B36 Well Black6 plates
074-960596 Well Microtiter6 plates
074-035384A384 Well Black Plate20 plates
074-035384B384 Well Clear Plate20 plates