Acid Fast Control Slides

acid fast

Convenient control slides … These unique Acid Fast Control Slides simulate a clinical sputum smear with appropriate background material. The pricing on Scientific Device Laboratory’s slides is significantly lower than other control slides on the market. Slides have two wells containing a positive and negative smear. Can be used with Kinyoun or Scientific Device Laboratory’s Modified Auramine O, Acri-Fluor or other fluorescent techniques. r042913

350Acid Fast Stain Control Slides10 slides/pkg
351Acid Fast Stain Control Slides50 slides/pkg
358Acid Fast Tissue Control Slides10 slides/pkg
345-01LModified Auramine O
(stain & decolorizer/quencher)
1 liter each/pkg
345-04LModified Auramine O
(stain & decolorizer/quencher)
4x1 liter each/pkg